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Sound Voltex Controls

The Sound Voltex games have a moderate list of controls and macros. The in-game tutorial should introduce the player to the basic gameplay controls of the game well enough. However, the game does not convey some of the other useful controls very well. Therefore, this page does not outline the basic gameplay controls, but instead catalogues a comprehensive list of controls which can be used to navigate through Sound Voltex, change settings, and activate certain features.

This list was first written for the SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE arcade games. Some features are locked behind the Premium Time mode, while others are accessable through standard play. This page was revisited in light of the recent release of SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR 銈炽儕銈广儐 (Konaste) for the E-Amusement Cloud (EAC) home service. Most controls are similar, and thus this list has been updated to document both games. However, the Premium Time exclusive controls are enabled by default; it is as if the Premium Time mode is the default mode for this game.

Hopefully this catalogue proves to be helpful to both new, and veteran players, who like to know about some slightly hidden features of the game.


Table of Contents


Term Abbreviation Meaning
Vivid Wave VW
Exceed Gear EG
銈炽儕銈广儐 EAC Konaste (cloud) version of the game.
Premium Time [p] 10 minutes of safe gameplay with extra features (enabled in SDVX EG 銈炽儕銈广儐).
Hexa Diver [h] Mode where tracks can be unlocked by damaging bosses.
Numpad key num-# Button on the numpad. # could be a number.
Song wheel The chart select screen.
Beats Per Minute BPM Measure of pulse for a piece of music.
xmod Lane speed as kept as multiplier of the BPM.
mmod Lane speed as kept as constant number.
Not Available N.A. Function not in the game.

Controls List

Song Wheel

Function Vivid Wave Exceed Gear 銈炽儕銈广儐 Extra Description
Select option/folder/chart Start Start
Leave folder FX-L FX-L
Change Sort FX-R FX-R EG has more options than VW.
Select chart Knob-R Knob-R
Fast scroll FX-L + knob-R FX-L + knob-R Scrolls by catagories depending on sort.
Select difficulty Knob-L Knob-L Change difficulty on the selected chart.
Toggle Rival leaderboards num-8 N.A.
Toggle favourite chart num-0 num-0
Random Chart num-3 num-3 Chooses random chart from within the selected folder.
[p] Leave premium time Hold BT-A, BT-B, BT-C, BT-D N.A. Yes/no prompt. Yes = end session.
[h] Leave Hexa Diver FX-L N.A. Returns to songwheel.

Options Menu

Function Vivid Wave Exceed Gear 銈炽儕銈广儐 Extra Description
Toggle options menu FX-L + FX-R FX-L + FX-R Toggle from songwheel.
Navigate options menu FX-L, FX-R Knob-L
Change option Knob-#* Knob-R
Save mmod speed N.A. num-6 Changes red number when hovering over the Hi-speed options.

*According to what is shown in-game.

Waiting Lobby

There is no waiting lobby when using Premium Time. These controls should also function during gameplay. Note that Exceed Gear 銈炽儕銈广儐 uses mmod by default.

Function Vivid Wave Exceed Gear 銈炽儕銈广儐 Description
Change xmod lane speed Hold Start + knob N.A. Changes green multiplier with BPM.
Change mmod lane speed Tap then hold start + knob Hold Start + knob Changes red number.
Force constant modspeed Start + num-6 N.A. Red number bottom left.
Visual offset Start + num-9, num-3 Start + num-9, num-3 Blue number. + if early, - if late.
Audio offset w.r.t judgement Start + num-8, num-2 Start + num-8, num-2 Yellow number. + if hitting early, - if hitting late.
Headphone volume Start + num-7, num-1 N.A. Bottom right gauge.
Skip lobby to play FX-L + FX-R N.A.

During Play

Function Vivid Wave Exceed Gear 銈炽儕銈广儐 Description
[p] Force track crash FX-L + FX-R + start FX-L + FX-R + start Also works to skip tutorial.
[p] Force retry Hold (FX-L + FX-R + start) Hold (FX-L + FX-R + start)
[p] Auto retry 00 num-.

Result Screen

Function Vivid Wave Exceed Gear 銈炽儕銈广儐 Description
Show/hide detailed results FX-L + FX-R FX-L + FX-R
[p] Retry chart Hold start Hold Start