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GENOSIDE 2018 Course Table

This table contains the GENOSIDE 2018 Dan courses for use with Beatoraja. The imposed constraints are (LN was removed as it is not included in the courses in the insane2 table):

"constraint": [

It was mainly created for use with Bokutachi, since existing tables with these dan courses used different constraints.

Both SP and DP courses are implemented. The courses can be recognised as follows:

Japanese English
段位認定 SP
DP段位認定 DP
初段 First dan
二段 2nd dan
三段 3rd dan
四段 4th dan
五段 5th dan
六段 6th dan
七段 7th dan
八段 8th dan
九段 9th dan
十段 10th dan
発狂 Insane courses

The ‘original’ Beatoraja tables can be found here (Note that Bokutachi will not accept the constraints for some of these courses, which is why this table exists):